As a musician, you no doubt understand the importance of a competent street team in promoting your gigs.

Now there’s an online “street team” that can help spread the word, create buzz, sell tickets, move your merch, all by papering the internet.

Ask us how we can help you promote your music.

There is no arguing the fact, the most cost effective way of promoting your band, a newly released CD, an upcoming music video release, or a multitude of other things for which you may need press, is through a well written press release.

“A well written, targeted press release can get you more publicity than advertising ever will.”

Until now, independent Blues/Roots musicians, performers, music video-graphers, etc. often had to be their own publicists How could they hope to compete with the big labels? Major record labels fire off hundreds of thousands of press releases for their clients every day.

Now, if you are a Blues or Roots musician or a music industry professional, you can get your press release out there and into the hands of the people who would most help you achieve your musical ambitions. Just send us your press release, and we will do the rest. Your news will be delivered directly to the desktops music editors at daily newspapers, magazines, news agencies, top Web sites, radio stations–every place you need to be promoted.

We will send your press release directly to people who make the final decision as to what gets published in the music column of a daily newspaper or feature section in a major music magazine. Or we can tailor your contacts so that your press releases will hit with the precision of a well aimed laser. This will ensure that your press releases will reach the very people you wish to target.

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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”-Daniel J. Boorstin

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