Now You Can Have Your News Distributed For You For Practically Pocket Change

It was inevitable. With the increased emphasis on social media and inbound marketing, this blog CHC in Brief (formerly part of Cross Harp Chronicles) was going to have to be re-invented. I have done just that. This blog is now the heartbeat of a growing music media network which spans eight blogs, a podcast and video network which now appears on hundreds of different sites. With this change, has come a name change. This blog will now be known as CHC Network with the tagline “The Heartbeat of a Growing Music Media Network. ”

It has always been my desire to offer musicians exposure. To optimize the exposure I offered, recognizing that all people no more read one blog for news than they may read the same newspaper, nor gather around the same centrally located television screen, I felt that to effectively reach people I was going to have to go where people were. So I have been working diligently to create a growing outbound network to reach readers knowing that doing so would bring more people into this blog. This would increase the number of stories people read and increase the number of people who read about you.

How does this work? Here’s how: this blog may be the centerpiece of this network, this is not the only site on which people can read your story.

Eight Different Blogs. The news carried on this site is distributed to eight different blogs. These blogs are each on some of the most popular blog platforms on the web. It is now on: WordPress, Blogger, Live 5, Vox, Tumblr, Bebo and Typepad, under different names These can be found listed in the right hand column of this blog under Bloglines.

Blog Directories. Each of these blogs is registered with a growing number of blog directories as a regularly updated feed. This gives people who peruse these directories the chance to follow the stories I publish. This increases the chances of your story being read and the number of people reading it.

Search Engines. Many of these stories appear on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google almost immediately. These stories can be searched by headline, and many are delivered to your email box if you subscribe to (for example) Google Alerts.

Big Media. Also because this blog has been accepted by Blogburst, a news service bringing quality blogs onto highly-trafficked, high-brand mainstream publisher sites like the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle,, and There is the chance that your story may be picked up by big media.

Ning Music Sites. Before we leave blogs: The news stories which appear on these blogs are also distributed to a growing number of Ning music sites as they are prepared. These can be found on my profile pages below my beaming photo on the left hand side of the page toward the bottom. Here my most recently posted news stories appear under the heading, “Have You Caught These News Stories.” s To date I am on twenty sites. This includes: LiveBluesWorld, Guitar Blues, Delta Blues, Blues at Centrum, Blues Musicians, Blues RNB, Delta Boogie Network, Fans of Film, Jazz at Centrum, Jazz Musician Space, Let’s Rock and Roll, Makin’ Music NY, Melodic Revolution, Music Marketer, Smooth Jazz Space, TGJN Jazz Business Bootcamp with Derek Sivers, The Boogie Report, The History of Jazz Music, The Texas Blues Roadhouse, and Vinyl and Beat Diggers. (If you are on any of these, why not stop by and say “Hi.” Leave me a comment. Extend a friendship invitation. I will answer.

Podcast. Also, as this blog is mechanically read as a podcast by Odiogo, the resulting podcast feed is spread among a growing number of podcast directories. This includes three of the biggest: iTunes, Zune, and Juice.

Social Media Sites. Also, I shoot your headline out over a network of social media sites. Perhaps you have seen my headlines on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Plaxo Pulse, and many other social media sites.

Social Bookmarking Sites. If that isn’t enough, it can be found on different social bookmarking sites. Once a story is “bookmarked” people read, discuss, and often vote on a story. Depending on the nature and importance of a story, many of these stories go viral just on this alone.

Outside Bloggers, Broadcasters, Podcasters. Because everyone so desiring can liberally borrow any story that appears on this network, it is often picked up by other bloggers, broadcasters, podcasters, journalists in increasing numbers.

My Video Network. What of the video network on which you can find me? If you are big on video, you can and will find me shortly on these sites: Youtube, Bliptv, Dailymotion, Facebook, GrindTV, Metacafe, video.MSN, Revver, Vimeo and others. This later is still in development, but I expect it to be up and running shortly.

“Well, this is all interesting. But…what does this mean to me”
Plenty. If you have been following along so far, you now have a better than normal chance of getting your news out there. Because of the enormity of what I have created, it will cost you. But because I wanted to price it so everyone can afford it, this cost is small.

In almost every thing you read or hear it is said that hiring a publicist can be very costly. But you want to get your news out there. If you have ever attempted this yourself you know how tedious and time consuming this can be. Surely you have a fat fan database that you connect with regularly to let them know what you are doing. But wouldn’t it be great to really get the word out about that upcoming gig, that soon to be released new CD, that video that you are hoping will go viral and really create attention for you and the band? Wouldn’t it really be great to create a buzz that can be heard around the internet?

Now for little more than the cost of a big burger value meal you can have your news distributed around the internet.

For $19.90 USD, I will set the wheels in motion of a fast and effective publicity campaign that will appear on hundreds of different sites. This includes posting your news on all of these above mentioned Ning sites.

So, for less than a twenty dollar bill, I can get you on hundreds of different sites. This small amount will help me continue to build this network, and keep the lights on and a roof over my head. And it won’t take a large bite out of what you are making as a musician.

To Sum Up
For less than an American Jackson I can offer to put your music related news release on:
8 different blogs which appear as news-feeds in several hundred blog directories
A podcast which also is heard on over a hundred different podcast directories
Social Media Sites (it’s said that Facebook alone has over 300 million people on it.)
Social Bookmarking Sites
Twenty Different Ning Sites

So what do I have to do?

To take advantage of this, email me at dking (at) crossharpchronicles (dot) com. Write:

This sounds like a heck of a deal. Here is my $19.90. Distribute my release as far and wide as you can.

To those who are following this blog, or those who still wish to liberally borrow any of the stories that appear on this blog you still may. There will never be a charge for this. It is FREE.

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