Roger Hodgson, Ex-Supertramp, Brings 2010 World Tour to North America, Then on to Europe for Summer Shows

Hodgson issues statement regarding a competing tour

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario–Roger Hodgson, the writer, composer and legendary voice of such classic hits as The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Give a Little Bit, Dreamer, and Take the Long Way Home, brings his World Tour to Canada this week, appearing in two sold-out shows at Fallsview Casino Resort here, April 22-23.

“My whole life’s memories and emotions played out last night!! You touch a lot of souls.”

Early this month, Roger filled venues throughout Australia and New Zealand, and after his appearances here this week he continues on to Europe and South America to begin a summer-long tour. Concerts in the Middle East, US and Canada are also planned for later this year. Details at:

About Roger Hodgson (

Roger Hodgson, widely regarded as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time, co-founded the progressive rock band Supertramp with Rick Davies in 1969.

Roger wrote and sang most of the classic hits that brought Supertramp worldwide acclaim, selling over 60 million records. His is the voice still heard on the radio today where the group’s classic hits have become evergreen standards. His songs are part of the soundtrack in the lives of millions of ‘boomers’ and their children and grandchildren.

Roger announced his World Tour last November. When he heard recently that Rick might do a Supertramp tour this fall as well, he was surprised and immediately sent an email to ask Rick if this was true. Rick never replied, so, obviously, Roger is not part of that tour. Nor was Dougie Thompson from the classic line up invited. Other musicians scheduled for the Supertramp Tour expressed surprise when they were invited so soon before the first dates were announced.

According to Roger, “Over the years, many fans have said they’d love to see us perform together again. So we suggested to Rick’s agent that we might play a few special shows together on our respective tours.”

But Rick’s agent declined the offer, saying that would only benefit Roger. Roger and his management disagree, saying it’s really the fans who would benefit.

Roger went on to say that “Since this is the first time we are touring simultaneously since we split up 27 years ago, I expect Rick to honor the agreement he and I made that the band would not play my songs.

“Since the current Supertramp is a vehicle for Rick’s music, which is very different from my style and songs, it’s important for Supertramp to stay true to Rick’s style and songs and avoid doing covers of my songs. Rick and I both knew that doing that would help create a clear delineation between Supertramp and Roger Hodgson when we agreed to part ways.”

Roger hopes to see his many fans at one of his shows in the months ahead: the magical duo shows worldwide; full band shows in South America and Europe; orchestral shows, and a few special appearances.

Videos of Roger’s hits are at:

Roger Hodgson Montage

Take the Long Way Home:

The Logical Song (Band):

Dreamer (Orchestra):

What the critics say about Roger’s music:

“Roger Hodgson showed that it’s the voice that matters as he brought Supertramp to life again in Auckland… If you’ve got the voice, who needs the band? That’s certainly Hodgson’s theory. His high-pitched voice is indeed unique and when he’s got most of Supertramp’s extensive playlist up his sleeve it’s a winning formula that has survived the test of time…Sister Moonshine, The Logical Song, and Breakfast In America were all belted out with such precision that if you closed your eyes you’d swear you were back in the 70s with the turntable in full swing.”   Stuff.Co.NZ, Auckland, New Zealand, April 15, 2010 Duncan Johnstone

What the fans write in the Tour Guestbook

“Certainly worth the wait…it was such a special privilege to hear the songs that have meant so much to me, and so many others, over the years. I was completely stunned by how many people have such a deep connection with the feeling and the meaning in your songs. Thank you so much for a wonderful night, and a wonderful life’s worth of music!”

“Your voice better than ever. Your obvious delight in the audience’s response was humbling. The best concert ever!!!”

“My whole life’s memories and emotions played out last night!! You touch a lot of souls.”


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  1. The confusion develops when people believe that they are going to see a Supertramp concert billed as a “reunion” when one of the two original founders will not be present for even one show but his music will used to promote attendance at the groups concerts.

    This is misleading, for Rick Davis and Roger Hodgson have written their music separately since “Indelibly Stamped”. Most of the group’s hits were written by Roger, some before he even knew Rick. An agreement between the two was not sing each other’s songs as to not mislead fans….Roger has kept to this while Rick has not. So people buy tickets, not being aware of this arrangement and expect to hear the originals singing the songs……..

    So as to not confuse fans, it needs to be clear there is an opportunity to experience both “Rick Davis” Supertramp and Roger’s Hodgson’s music this fall. It will not be together….sadly.

    Currently, Roger is touring, check out his website for concert dates, he fills his performances with love and compassion, you will never forget the evening you spend with him…….

    • Thanks for this great tip. Either way, I think it guarantees to be a great concert.

  2. It’s sad to hear Rick is not really interested in ST fans other then as meal tickets. Going to a Roger concert, i feel Roger sincerely cares about giving to his fans- his heart, his talent, his fine performance. When i leave a Roger show i feel like i have received more then just a wonderful evening listening to a talented musician. I feel uplifted, nostalgic, younger. I’m not going to see ST tour, not only because Roger won’t be at the shows, but because I thought ST’s message through their music was about “giving a little bit” and now i realize that all along it was Roger’s message only, and it was never shared by the rest of the band, which the current day ST makes this all too obvious.

  3. This is a wonderful article. I have been following many of the articles on Roger Hodgson’s World tour; there are so many fantastic reviews and stories. I received his very beautiful newsletter that is about the South America tour and more. I really enjoyed it, so I’d like to share this link with everyone. I hope you all enjoy it too.
    Roger Hodgson’s World Tour Newsletter

  4. Attend a concert of Roger Hodgson is something nobody should miss. He loves his music and it’s showed in every performance. He’s the best voice around, and it sounds better than ever. If you want to experience Supertramp sound, undoubtedly, a concert of Roger is the best place to get it, because he has been and remains its soul, its heart and essence. And of course, I can’t forget how lovely he is with all his fans, always with a smile is his face. He is an amazing artist and a great person.

  5. dear roger hodgson/supertramp fans…

    last saturday (12 june) roger was in my radioshow with a 22 minutes interview

    a complete different interview than other radiohosts, makes this item wonderful….
    enjoy it

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