Nominees Announced for the 2nd Annual British Blues Awards 2010

Nominees have been announced for the 2nd annual British Blues Awards 2010. The voting starts on June 1st and will run until August 31st

The presentations will be held on Sept 11th at The Newark Blues Festival.  The Nottingham Blues Society will be hosting the  British Blues Awards presentation.

Male Vocals:
Danny Bryant (Redeyeband)
Ian Siegal
Jo Jo Burgess (Hokie Joint)
Marcus Bonfanti
Oli Brown
Vince Lee (The Wildcards)

Female Vocals:
Becca Langsford (The Big Combo)
Connie Lush (Blues Shouter)
Dani Wilde
Joanne Shaw Taylor
Kyla Brox

Blues Band:
Danny Bryant’s Redeyeband
The Hoax
The Ian Siegal Band
The Mustangs
The Wildcards

Danny Bryant (Redeyeband)
Eddie Martin
Matt Schofield
Oli Brown
Vince Lee (The Wildcards)


Eddie Martin
Giles King (Hokie Joint + Others)
Paul Jones (The Blues Band)
Paul Lamb
Will Wilde (Dani Wilde Band + Others)

Al Wallis (The Wildcards)
Andy Graham (The Ian Siegal Band)
Ben McKeown (The Mustangs)
Fergie Fulton (Hokie Joint)
Lindsay Coulson (King King)
Roger Inniss

Jon Bartley (The Mustangs)
Kevin Crowe (The Wildcards)
Sam Kelly (Station House + Others)
Simon Dring (Oli Brown Band)
Stephen Cutmore (Hokie Joint)

Bennett Holland (King King)
Dale Storr (King King, Frank White, Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges)
Johnny Henderson (Matt Schofield Band)
Morg Morgan
Paul Jobson (Station House + Others)

Instrument Other:
Bennett Soundy (Sax)
Frank Mead (Sax)
Kyla Brox     (Flute)
Simon Anthony (Sax) – The Stumble
Snake Davis (Sax)
Son Henry (Lap Steel)
Tony Marshall (Sax) – Kyla Brox     Band

Blues Album:
Danny Bryant’s Redeyeband – Just as I am
Marcus Bonfanti – What good am I to you
Matt Schofield Band – Heads Tails and Aces
Ian Siegal Band – Broadside
The Wildcards – The Moon Shines Bright

Young Artist:
Chantel McGregor
Dani Wilde
Joanne Shaw Taylor
Oli Brown
Virgil McMahon – Virgil and the Accelerators

Blues Festival:
Blues On The Farm
Skegness Butlins Rock & Blues

Overseas Artist:
Ana Popovic
B.B. King
Hamilton Loomis
Joe Bonamassa
Walter Trout

To find out more about the Newark Blues Festival or to cast your votes for the British Blues Awards please follow the links below.


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