The Saga Continues….Ed Forchion’s Name Change Request to Denied!

Ed Forchion AKA NJWeedman

Hollywood, CA – As Ed Forchion aka NJWeedman continues to tote on for potheads across America, and pretty much around the world, a new chapter has developed in the story for this “Public Enemy #420.”  The “Superhero of the Potheads” has been diligently attempting to legally change his name to since 2002.  Denied the request in New Jersey in 2003 when he was residing there, Forchion attempted again this past month, July 2010, in Los Angeles.  His request was again denied. 

Cites Forchion, “In 2001 I petitioned the State of New Jersey to legally change my name to “NJWEEDMAN.COM”. The State of New Jersey fought me for three years, eventually winning a ruling in NJ Appellate court  “In the matter of” to deny me on the grounds that my name “” was in essence, branding myself in criminal manner. The state successfully argued that my name would enhance my criminal business of selling weed, a crime in Jersey. (See:

“Well two years ago,” Forchion continues, “I moved to Los Angeles where, through Prop. 215, the issue of marijuana is a more legalized discussion. Most folks know I operate the Liberty Bell Temple and provide marijuana daily to our constituents. So this April I decided to once again petition to change my name to “” – Case No. LS020013.” (See”

To NJWeedman’s dismay, Los Angeles Judge James A. Steele denied his petition and based his decision on the issue that Forchion, as a person,  is not an actual domain! The Judge ruled that the “‘.com’ was owned by (ICANN) Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  Forchion argues however that this is not true and  ICANN doesn’t own but simply regulates and manages the internet. The Judge further claims that this name change would create some confusion. (See:

Forchion responds, “There is no case law to support his position and I will be filing an appeal.” is seeking legal counsel and financial support.   Hit him up at and check him out at

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