Taj Weekes and Adowa Break Down the Boundaries of Reggae With Their Vibrant New Release, A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen

New York, NY–Award-winning St. Lucian reggae artist Taj Weekes and his band Adowa push the boundaries of reggae once again with their third release, A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen, on Jatta Records. Already urging the genre to new heights, music reviewer Ted Boothroyd adds, “Musically vibrant, emotionally challenging and intellectually stimulating, A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen is the kind of reggae, or rather the kind of music, or rather the kind of art, that this world needs.”

A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen, whose title pays homage to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, delivers sturdy roots rhythms laced with acoustic strings, bluesy harmonica accents and a deep sax groove. The fresh, hard-edged lyrics reveal an innate sophistication that yields to the intimacy of poetry, producing songs that don’t just reflect a conscience, but resonate with passion and vigor.

The debut single, “Rain Rain,” laments the delayed and often ineffectual action following the devastation experienced by residents of Louisiana and the neighboring states. Weekes explains, “Though ‘Rain Rain’ references Katrina, the message goes above and beyond the isolated story of a flood and brings to mind the continuous downpour of human suffering and natural disasters the world over and how quickly we forget.”

Other songs recall images of many of the world’s recent and ongoing tragic events, from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in “Drill” to a decade’s worth of news headlines in “Anthems of Hope.” Jarring overlays of sound introduce a song about Sudan’s “Janjaweed” and a deeply humanized tale of war reminds us in “B4 The War” how long and often it’s been true that, “someone like me/became my enemy.”

Still, despite the somber reflections, a sense of hope is conveyed through the easy flowing rhythms and Weekes’ trademark soothing, raspy edged voice harmonizing with the smooth female backing vocals. In sum, A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen is what Weekes himself is: “relentlessly likeable.”

Taj Weekes and Adowa weave a true social consciousness with an unforgettable reggae groove. The band’s vibrant sound has garnered critical acclaim across the globe while Weekes has been consistently noted for inspiring conscious thought and provoking discussion through his poignant poetry and lyrics. He offers, “I write from the heart and I speak about issues that move me. I believe that’s what really matters.”

A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen, the group’s third album, follows the release of Hope and Doubt (2005) and Deidem (2008), which won “Best Reggae Album” at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards and was shortlisted for consideration of a Grammy Award nomination.

Always striving to bring awareness to the issues he is passionate about, Weekes founded his charity, They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO), in 2007, to improve the lives of underprivileged children in the Caribbean through sport, enrichment, educational and wellness programs.


Sarah Scott

Jatta Records

Tel: 805-252-0609

Cell: 805-403-5973

Email: sarahscott@jattarecords.com

Website: http://www.tajweekes.com, http://www.jattarecords.com, http://www.theyoftencryoutreach.org

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