Video of the Week: Adam Gussow – Crossroads Blues [Tone Room Productions]

Jeff Silverman of HARMONICA 411 writes regarding this video:

2011 is the centenary of Robert Johnson’s birth, and the year has blown in with bang: Our friend Adam Gussow’s debut music video, “Crossroads Blues,” filmed on location in the Mississippi Delta. Gussow performs solo as a one-man band—harmonica, footdrums, vocals—and Mr. Satan does make an appearance.

As we all know, Gussow is legendary in blues harmonica circles for his huge YouTube presence VIA his instructional videos, his Modern Blues Harmonica website, and most significantly, for his long partnership with Sterling “Mr. Satan” Magee as the duo Satan and Adam. Music video is something new for Gussow, and while his dance moves may not lead Mick Jagger to lose any sleep (!), you will be blown away by the total performance. This is one powerful piece of solo harp work!

And yes, most of the video takes place at the famous crossroads. How the hell Gussow found the place is beyond me, but by God he did. Disturbing things must have happened down there, given the way he plays. I don’t want to know. Then again…


FYI “Crossroads Blues” is available as a download on iTunes and Amazon mp3’s, as is Gussow’s album, Kick and Stomp. The album, as a download or CD, is also available direct from Gussow’s website:

Here’s what Living Blues magazine wrote about Kick and Stomp:

“Gussow does an extraordinary job of maintaining a sense of spontaneity and intrigue in this solo setting….by filling out the sound with daisy-chained amps and a delay pedal, while simultaneously using his feet to beat out rhythmic percussion on a bass drum and tambourine. Gussow’s playing can be both delicate (the beautiful, slow dance ‘Mr. Cantrell,’ a song he once recorded with Mr. Satan) and furious (the raging lower-register groove of ‘Kick And Stomp’), depending on the mood of each song…..

“Gussow’s stirring solo performances breathe new life into familiar tunes like ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’ and ‘Crossroads Blues.’ He’s also a surprisingly strong singer, belting out a killer rendition of ‘Sunshine of Your Love’…Kick And Stomp adds both a unique and captivating new chapter to Gussow’s 35-year professional musical career, and it’s well worth checking out—you’re unlikely to hear anything like it for some time.”

I hope you’ll head down to the crossroads and take a look. This is not your granddaddy’s Mississippi Delta. Have a happy 2011.

For more from Jeff Silverman:

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