This blog, CHC in Brief started as the news in brief of articles that appeared on our website Cross Harp Chronicles. It offered to present the more important stories of the week–in brief–for those who may not have the time to read each story in full. Written and mechanically read for our sight impaired friends, this blog was created with a link to Odiogo offering you an opportunity to catch our publication as a podcast. To subscribe to our updates as a podcasts, click on the Subscribe to Our Podcast/Odiogo button below. This will take you to our control page, which will give you a number of different options.

The purpose of our blog is to help disseminate news from the world of the Blues/Jazz/Folk or Roots music. If you have a blog and are in need of news, feel free to liberate anything you may find on these pages. The only thing that we ask is that you leave a comment to that effect below the story and a possible link back to our blog. It’s that simple, yes.

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February 18, 2010
It was inevitable. With today’s focus being on social media and in-bound marketing, Cross Harp Chronicles (AKA CHC in Brief) was going to have to re-invent itself. From this day forward we are going to be known as CHC Network.

Network? Yes, the blog that you see here is but one part of a growing network of different social websites on which this news can now be found. That’s 46 different blogs, each registered with and appearing in upwards of 200 different blog directories, one podcast which now is registered with 95 different podcast directories, headlines which now appear on upwards of 60 different social media websites, 40 different social bookmarking sites, and a news feed that appears as updated on 40 different Blues/Jazz/Folk/Music and in some instances by Rockn’Roll related Ning websites, both US, Canada and European And these numbers are growing!

Our feed is also being picked up and published by Virgin Media, All About Jazz, Blues Underground, and other quality publications. (This count as of March 18, 2010.)

CHC Network is now the beating heart of this growing music media network.

If you would like to learn of how you can get your news on these sites, write us at dking (at) crossharpchronicles (dot) com.

Our Frequent Contributors: August 4th, 2010

This blog and the news that appears on it could not be possible if it were not for our frequent contributors. We would like to thank these people for keeping us updated as to what is happening in this world of music.

If you would like to be added to this growing list, email us.

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