“South Rock” Book Condensed for Easy Reading Online by Kiki Lee

Dick Wooley With Gold Record

Forward ~ The beginning of a new career in Rock and Roll.

Chapter 1 ~ After launching several Indy label hits in 1967 Atlantic Records recruited Dick Wooley to head their record promotion in the Southeast and Midwest. Dick helped Atlantic launch several legendary Rhythm & Blues and Rock artists, many who are now inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Chapter 2 ~ The adventure.

Chapter 3 ~ Working with Atlantic Records distributed Capricorn Productions Dick was recruited Vice President of Promotions when it debuted as Capricorn Records in 1972 with Warner Brothers. Dick promoted several artists at Capricorn into a tidal wave of hit records that coined the term “Southern Rock”.

Chapter 4 ~ In 1976 leaving Capricorn at the top of the charts, Dick partnered with Atlantic Records and started Dick Wooley Associates, together they launched the Indy label Rabbit Records. Rabbit launched several new artists onto the national charts and Dick Wooley Associates launched other label’s new artists into gold and platinum sales. In 1981, Dick decided to move to the beach and retire from the music business.

Chapter 5 ~ In 2004 After successfully developing several condominium communities at the beach and at seven universities Dick was inspired to return to music and opened Internet based King Mojo Records to showcase emerging artists in contemporary Blues and Rock.



Dick Wooley played guitar in a college rock band after serving four years in the Navy and in 1965 to keep growing his connection to the music business he got a job at the largest independent record distributor in the Southeast, Southland Record in Atlanta. Dick worked days with many of the legendary music figures of the day and on nights and weekends managing his own bands, booking gigs and promoting shows.

In 1966, Dick’s extra efforts paid off when one of his bands had a regional hit single, the record never made the national charts, but it did open the doors for a great career in the music business.

In 1967, Dick got a call about doing record promotion from John Towels, John was the sales manager for a large record distributor based in Charlotte North Carolina called F & F Arnold. Gwen Kessler, Southland’s legendary office manager and head of NARAS had recommended Dick for the open position and Gwen’s recommendation was good enough for John, he hired Dick to promote F & F distributed records in North and South Carolina.

In Charlotte, Dick promoted F & F’s independent labels and worked daily with some of the most interesting people in the music business, people like mob music boss Morris Levy of Roulette Records, “The Sopranos” TV show based the character “Herman ‘Hesh’ Rabkin” on Morris. Dick helped kick start Kenny Rogers solo career with his first hit single and worked with Marty Lacker of Elvis’s Memphis Mafia and with Roy Orbison at Monument Records. Dick discovered a local band “The Okasions” and turned their local hit single into the multi-million selling “Girlwatcher”, Dick also started several hit records for the soulful independent label Atlantic Records.

Chapter 1 >

Permission to reprint the opening of this book was given by the man himself, Dick Wooley.  He wrote:

Hey Dave:

That would be great, thanks for your kind support.

All the best,

Dick Wooley

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